Our company introduces a new product: pure lemon juice made with freshly squeezed local lemons. Our pure lemon juice is suitable for food, beverage and cooking.

We created our Fat Free PAPAFiLiPOU Ice Cream without fat or sugar, made from fresh skimmed milk and fresh organic Paraguayan Stevia, with only 35 calories per 100ml. PAPAFiLiPOU Fat Free Ice Cream is suitable for diabetics. You can pick from one of the three classic flavours: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. PAPAFiLiPOU Fat Free Ice Cream is available in family and individual packages.

PAPAFiLiPOU Ice Cream launched low fat yogurt made from fresh milk and pure yogurt in family packs of 850ml. It is available in two lovely mixes: strawberries swirl and forest fruits swirl. PAPAFiLiPOU Frozen Yogurt is low in fat and calories with only 90 calories per 100ml.


PAPAFiLiPOU Ice Cream produces Fruit Sorbet Fat Free, remaining truth to our principal using all natural ingredients. Fruit Sorbets are tasteful made by freshly picked, ripe fruits: strawberries, oranges, lemons, peaches and pure rose pedal extract.

On the 6th of June, at a prestigious ceremony of the European Business Awards 2012 / 13 held in Istanbul, Papaphilippou & Patisserie Panayiotis Ice Cream Ltd won the Ruban d’ Honneur Award for Innovation, for being the first to make lactose free ice cream in Europe. It was the first time where a Cypriot business made it through the Awards’ final where it finally won.

IN Business Awards 2013 – IN Business magazine held for the 6th time the IN Business Awards and our company won an award for the Manufacturing sector. Candidates are selected by a panel of judges and the winners are jointly decided by the public and the panel. Marketing Manager, Mr. Yiannos Christoforou, received the award from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ioannis Kasoulides, and the President of the Cyprus Employers and Industrial Federation, Mr. Filios Zachariades.


In the 3rd Pan-Hellenic Innovation & Growth Convention held in Thessaloniki on the 9th of November 2012 our company was honoured for its contribution to the development of entrepreneurship for making lactose free ice cream for the first time in Europe.

Our company receives the Cyprus Innovation Award of the Manufacturing Sector for making lactose free ice cream for the first time in Europe. The awards enacted from the Cyprus Employers and Industrial Federation with support from the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism. In the awards ceremony, General Manager Mr. Panayiotis Papaphilippou received the award from the Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Mrs. Praxoula Antoniadou.

Hellenic Bank invites into lunch the winners of the Innovation Awards. Our company is represented by Mr. Panayiotis Papaphilippou and the President of our company, Mr. Panayiotis Christoforou.

IN Business Awards 2011. Our company wins the New Product Award for creating lactose free ice cream.

Our company is invited for the second time from the Hellenic Bank as a winner of the New Product Award in the IN Business Awards 2011. Our company is represented by Mr. Panayiotis Papaphilippou, Mr. Panayiotis Christoforou and Mrs. Maria Papaphilippou.

We open our first shopping shops inside the stores of Carrefour Planet in Geraka and in Alimos. There, we sell ice cream in the traditional way of ice cream cones or in family packages with a range of 18 flavours.

The Cyprus Anti-cancer Society honours Mr. Papaphilippou for his generous offer to renovate the rooms of “Arodafnousa” Palliative Care Centre.


On the 12th of January 2011, among many distinguished guests, the Embassy of China honours our company for its Entrepreneurship, Quality and its Expansion Policy. General Manager, Mr. Panayiotis Papaphilippou, received the honour on the behalf of the company.

Our company has become the first company in Cyprus and in Europe which created lactose free ice cream. It is a known fact that lactose intolerance in Cyprus reaches 66% and many people avoid consuming dairy products. The Research and Development Department of our company identifying this problem and after conducting surveys, designed and developed an innovative collection of a family gourmet ice cream, named Nostalgìa®, lactose free.

24th of February 2011, Fat Thursday (“Tsiknopempti”). It is a day for party, joy, relaxation and contribution to our fellow-men. After the blood donation that we organized in our factory, we throw party for the employees of our Group.

Mr. Averof Neofytou (Member of the House of Representatives) visits our factory during parliamentary elections campaign. He has an extensive conversation for topics concerning industries and their future. Mr. Neofytou promised that he will give the proper attention to the topic.

During the parliamentary elections campaign, parliamentary candidate Mr. Michalis Sofokleous visits our factory as well. He talked about the plan his was going to apply if he is elected and he discussed about Cypriot industries and their future.

Our company starts co-operating with Carrefour Greece by providing strawberry, lemon, mastic, rose and yogurt with honey and walnuts in family packages of 850ml and we provide in packages of 500ml, Nostalgìa® Lactose Free, Vanilla and Oreo Cookies.

On the 17th of September 2011, our company participates for third consecutive time in the third Ice Cream Festival. The event is special for our company because the President of the Group, Mr. Panayiotis Christoforou, is honoured for his untiring contribution and work all this years to the ice cream industry and in general to the Island.

On the 13th of October, we have our second annual well-established blood donation in our factory. Minister of Health, Mr. Malas visited our company where he congratulated our company for organizing such events. He congratulated as well the employees for contributing to their fellow-men.

A group from the Chinese embassy in Cyprus accompanies in our factory the Ambassador and the Commercial Attaché. They are guided by Mr. Yiannos Christoforou (Marketing Manager) and opinions are exchanged for a potential cooperation among businesses of the two governments.

Christmas Eve: earthquake victims from Japan that lost their people in the tsunami disasters, visit our Luna Park in Makedonitissa. We offer them plenty of ice cream, endless games and presents.


On the 10th of February 2010, the Industrial Association of Euboea Prefecture (Greece) has a tour into our factory and it is informed about everything that concerns ice cream.

On the 17th of March, it is signed from 58 Cypriot businesses the Business Initiative Against Climate Change with the President of the Republic, Mr. Dimitris Christophias, present. Among those businesses is our company, which receives an honorary diploma from the President of the Republic.

On the 25th of September, our company participates for the second time in a row in the second Ice Cream Festival. On this very day all the Cypriot ice cream companies are displayed, offering free ice cream and entertaining kids with activities like face-painting, stilts, live music, magicians, drawing competitions etc.

On the 21st of October 2010 our company is honoured from TUV CYPRUS for applying successfully for six consecutive years the quality standards: HACCP, ISO and OSHAS.

For 30 consecutive years, our company organizes blood donation in the factory’s premises. The company’s personnel are always eager to offer and this has become an institution. Our company is honoured by the President of the Republic for this contribution. Mr. Papaphilippou received the honour in an event that took place.

In October, Minister of Labour and Social Insurance Mrs. Sotiroula Charalambous, on the occasion of the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, visits our factory and speaks with the employees for the issue. She leaves excited from what she saw and heard from the employees.

P & P Ice Cream Group within its expansion starts producing and packing Candy Floss (“Malli tis grias”) which we offer in resellers and in to our stores.


On the 6th of March, the Czech embassy in a gleaming and magical night honours people from the political and business life of the Island; among those is the General Manager of our company, Mr. Panayiotis Papaphilippou.

According to RAI’s survey, for the months from May to August, our company is considered first, among all the other companies existing in the Cyprus market.

In August, the Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Charalampos Theopemptou visits our company to inspect. He congratulates our company for the tree planting, for the biological treatment plant within our facilities and for recycling.

On the 9th of September, Mr. Yiannakis Omirou (Member of the House of Representatives) visits our factory and he is informed about the problems that the industrial area of Paliometocho faces. He is also informed about the problems of the ice cream industry.

On the 26th of September, our company participates in the first Ice Cream Festival in cooperation with Nicosia Municipality. All the Cypriot ice cream companies participated in the event offering free ice cream to all the people who attended. It is estimated that approximately 6,000 people attended the event.

In October 2009, Indian businessmen visit our factory for a tour within the framework of bonding among the governments of Cyprus and India.

We have completed the building of our warehouse right next to our factory where our fridges are kept in. Besides the fridges, the building has a fully equipped facility in which we check and repair our fridges before we give them to our clients.


Beginning of July, the fully refurbished patisserie “La Patisserie Panayiotis Ice Cream Boutique” opens again. Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Mr. Andonis Paschalidis, members of the House of Representatives, many other esteemed personalities and a lots of people from all the spectrum of Cyprus society attended this great event. The President of the Board of Directors of the P & P Ice Cream Group, Mr. Panayiotis Christoforou, is honoured in this event for his long-time contribution to the companies buoyant.

In August of 2008, our company offers free ice cream to the prisons.


P & P Ice Cream Group of companies becomes a reality. Our companies are now divided in:

  1. Papaphilippou & Patisserie Panayiotis Ice Cream LTD
  2. La Patisserie Panayiotis LTD
  3. P&P Ice Cream Entertainment LTD
  4. P&P Ice Cream Properties LTD


Besides the ice cream production, our company expands its operations to the ice cube production; N-ice is our new brand. We have installed modern machinery which can produce up to 8, 4 tones of ice daily.


On the 23rd of June 2000 the Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation honours our company for its priceless contribution to the shooting sport.


In March the dream comes true. The newly owned ice cream factory in Paliometocho Industrial Zone is put into operation, aiming to strengthen the local market and to expand abroad.


The company becomes member of the International Ice Cream Association (IICA) in August of 1993.


A new big machine is bought for the production of individual ice creams.


After the Turkish invasion strike of 1974, the company recovers and in 1981 a new factory is build in Engomi’s area and big investments are made in buying ice cream machinery.


From artisanship the business grows and becomes an industry. It stars producing individual ice creams. The production has ten employees with Mr. Panayiotis Christoforou in command.


The Turkish invasion of Cyprus has a detrimental affect on the company and the country as a whole, and resulted in more than half of the company's property being seized.


“Papaphilippou & Patisserie Panayiotis Ice Cream Ltd” is founded by Mr. Papaphilippou and Mr. Christoforou. At the same time, the company “Patisserie Panayiotis and Papaphilippou Ltd” is founded as well.

Our company's first logo.

The Company's Certificate of Incorporation from 1974.