New Product - PAPAFiLiPOU Fat Free Ice Cream with Stevia

PAPAFiLiPOU® Ice Cream launches a new product. We now make fat free ice cream without fat and sugar made from fresh skimmed milk and fresh organic Paraguayan Stevia. Pure pleasure without any guilt.

You can pick from one of the three classic flavours: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Pure pleasure without guilt and with only 35 calories per 100ml. It’s really tasteful and it's suitable for diabetics as well. Available in family and individual packages.

What is Stevia?

Stevia is a South American herb used as a natural sweetener for centuries.

Stevia Rebaudiana is an herb in the Chrysanthemum family which grows wild as a small shrub mainly in parts of Paraguay, Brazil, Japan and China. The leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant have a refreshing taste, zero glycemic indexes, zero calories and zero carbohydrates. Virtually, it can replace sugar or any other artificial sweeteners, since it is much sweeter and it is far healthier! Stevia is such a healthy option, that it is suitable for diabetics because it does not raise blood sugar levels.

In 2010, the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) scientific Panel on additives, the ANS Panel, assessed the safety of steviol glycoside and adopted a scientific opinion on the safety of steviol glycosides and established for their safe use an Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) of 4mg/kg body weight (bw) per day. The Panel concluded that steviol glycosides, complying with JECFA (Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives) specifications, are not carcinogenic, genotoxic or associated with any reproductive/developmental toxicity. (Information available in: EFSA JOURNAL 2010; 8(4):1537