Frequently Asked Questions

Why does PAPAFiLiPOU® Ice Cream taste so much better than other ice creams?

What makes our ice cream so special is our dedication to purity and freshness. Naturally, we use the very best ingredients by buying our milk, cream, eggs and fruits fresh from local farms every day to ensure our ice cream is the freshest ice cream around. Then we blend these farm fresh ingredients with the highest quality, all natural flavourings from around the world to create the finest, all natural ice cream.

Is it 100% natural?

YES! PAPAFiLiPOU® Ice Cream and related products are 100% natural, made only with the finest, pure natural ingredients available. We add nothing to our products to interfere with their natural purity… no preservatives, no vegetable fat, no GMOs, no artificial ingredients.

Is PAPAFiLiPOU® Ice Cream healthful?

YES! Because it is rich in calcium, phosphorus and other minerals of vital importance in building good bones and teeth. Our ice cream is a rich source of many of the essential vitamins such as Α, Β1, Β2, Β12, C, D, E, G, K, Niacin etc. These vitamins are essential to growth, health, reproduction and prevention of certain diseases.

Is it really GMO-Free?

YES! All our ice cream products are perfectly free from Genetically Modified Organisms. We assure you that we have researched our ingredients carefully and we know exactly what is going into our ice cream products.

Is PAPAFiLiPOU® suitable for vegetarians?

YES! All our ice cream products are suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians. If you are happy with fresh whole milk, fresh cream, fresh eggs and fresh fruits, you will be happy with our ice cream.

How about vegans?

Yes, PAPAFiLiPOU® Sorbet, which is made with only freshly picked, ripe fruits, is suitable for vegans.

Is PAPAFiLiPOU® Ice Cream gluten-free?

PAPAFiLiPOU® has many flavours that are gluten free. However, if our product contains gluten, its presence would be indicated on the label by the word “wheat flour”.

Is PAPAFiLiPOU® Ice Cream suitable for diabetics?

Although we use much less sugar than most, our regular ice cream is not suitable for a strict diabetic diet. However, we make all natural, fat free, no sugar added ice cream, sweetened with organic Paraguayan stevia, which is suitable for diabetics.

How do you sweeten your ice cream?

Our ice cream and related products are naturally sweetened with pure beet sugar and glucose syrup.

Do you add any colourings to your ice cream?

We never use artificial colourings. We only use natural colourings and only in three flavours. Our mint chocolate chip is naturally coloured with chlorophyll, our rose sherbet and sorbet with red beet extract and our watermelon sorbet with extract of anthocyanins obtained from flowers and vegetables. The colour of the rest of our ice cream and related products comes from the ingredients naturally!

Where does your milk and cream come from?

All of our milk and cream come from local dairy farmers who have pledged not to treat their cows with antibiotics or the synthetic bovine growth hormone, rBGH.

What is “gourmet” ice cream?

Gourmet, super-premium or so-called “designer” ice cream tends to have very low overrun (air content) and high fat content, and the manufacturer uses top-quality, usually natural, ingredients. It is generally characterized by a greater richness and density than non-premium ice creams. Gourmet ice cream is generally marketed by emphasizing quality, flavour selection, texture and brand image. Other types of ice cream are largely marketed on the basis of price.

Do you make gourmet / super-premium ice cream?

Yes, we make the finest, all natural gourmet ice cream available anywhere. We call our super-premium brand Nostalgìa® to convey the distinctive atmosphere of the old-world traditions and craftsmanship to which we remain dedicated.

How do you flavour your chocolate ice cream?

Our chocolate ice cream is flavoured only with premium Dutch process cocoa and chocolate liquor, and pure Madagascar vanilla bean extract.

What is the most popular flavour of PAPAFiLiPOU®?


At what temperature should the ice cream be stored?

Ice cream and related products are best stored at home unopened at -18°C. For extended storage up to the best before date, -25°C.

Is it safe to eat your ice cream after the date on the package?

The date on the package is the best before date. It is not the expiration date of the product. Under proper storage conditions, we expect that our ice cream will maintain peak quality until that date, which is 18 months after the date it was made. This time period is merely a guideline as product can be acceptable much longer if handled properly.