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Chocolate Ice Cream with Real Milk Chocolate

Ice Cream 70.4% - Ingredients: Fresh whole milk, fresh cream, sugar, fresh eggs, glucose syrup, Dutch process cocoa 2%, chocolate liquor non-alcoholic 1.5%, emulsifiers: vegetable mono- & diglycerides; natural stabilisers: guar gum, carrageenan; milk proteins, natural vanilla flavouring.  

Real Chocolate 17% - Ingredients: Sugar, dry whole milk 28.2%, cocoa butter 23.3%, chocolate liquor non-alcoholic 8.9%, emulsifier: soya lecithin; natural vanilla flavouring.

Sugar Cone 12.6% - Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, sugar 25%, seed oil, emulsifier: soya lecithin; potato starch, salt, vanilla flavour.

Free from preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Available in 240ml cones.

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