Low Fat Frozen Yogurt with Swirls of Homemade Forest Fruits Sauce

Made from Fresh Milk

Ingredients: Fresh whole milk, yogurt 25% (cow’s milk, active yogurt cultures), forest fruits sauce 16% (black currants 19.5%, blackberries 16.3%, strawberries 13.6%, red currants 11.7%, blueberries 3.9%, sugar), sugar, fresh cream (milk), glucose syrup, emulsifiers (vegetable mono- & diglycerides); natural stabilisers (guar gum, carrageenan). Free from preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Frozen Yogurt 850ml
850 ml Tubs

Nutritional Declaration

per 100 ml
Energy kJ / kcal   382 kJ / 91 kcal
Protein  1.9 g
Carbohydrate 15.3 g
Fat  2.4 g